InsituGen TeamDr Oliver Gehrig


Dr Oliver Gehrig

Dr. Oliver Gehrig is a seasoned veterinarian with years of experience in sales and marketing within the animal health industry. Previously, he was the Head of Global Sales in the anti-doping division of Berlinger, Berlinger Special. Currently, Oliver is CEO of Vet-X-Perts GmbH, a German health tech start-up founded by Oliver and his partner Julian Haag. Vet-X-Perts GmbH focuses on cloud based collaboration platforms ( and for veterinary clinical collaboration, consultation, teleradiology and education with access to data, human and machine expertise in the field of diagnostic imaging. Oliver is  well positioned in the field of anti-doping and has an extensive network in the animal health market, which will be valuable in connecting InsituGen with stakeholders and to help in building a diagnostic product that fits into the market dynamics of individualized therapies.