Animal Wellness Bioassays

Estrogens and androgens in both females and males are integral to health and well-being, playing major physiological roles in the normal functioning of each body system. In dogs, abnormal levels of these sex hormones can be toxic, leading to hair loss, oily skin, weight fluctuations, increased thirst and urination, and increased aggression, amongst other adverse symptoms.

Companion dogs are commonly spayed or neutered, which deplete androgen levels in males and estrogen levels in females. Administration of commonly prescribed androgen or estrogen-containing medications, and exposure to other steroid-containing sources by owners can all lead to significant health and welfare impacts. Obesity, urinary incontinence, various cancers, immune-mediated diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and cognitive and behaviour problems can commonly arise as a result.

In light of the growing issue around hormone disturbances in pets, wellness testing for companion dogs has become a major trend for pet parents. Wellness testing involves a proactive, preventative approach to safeguard the health and vitality of companion dogs.

InsituGen has developed a rapid and cost-effective test to report on total estrogenic and androgenic activity in the plasma of animals. FirstFlagX will provide veterinarians with an animal’s hormonal profile, which they can use to deduce a holistic overview of health and vitality. As wellness tests are performed bi-annually, a personalised hormonal profile can be established for individual pets over time. FirstFlagX can enhance the likelihood of detecting abnormalities and provides a vital opportunity to prevent illnesses before they arise.

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