InsituGen is reinventing hormone testing

InsituGen’s technology provides rapid and accurate detection of all androgenic and estrogenic activity.

Bioassays detect the activation of androgen or estrogen receptors from any known or unknown compound interacting with the receptors and initiating a concerted signaling pathway inside cells. Using a synthetic biology approach, InsituGen has reconstructed this signaling pathway outside of the cell resulting in a sensitive, rapid, and simple-to-use bioassay kit, for use in any biological, environmental, or food sample.

InsituGen has developed firstFlagX®, a bioassay kit for the rapid detection of total androgenic activity.

firstFlagX® will allow the detection of total androgenic activity in samples from thoroughbred racehorses, racing camels, human athletes, and their associated feed or sports supplements. firstFlagX® will augment existing testing systems and workflows in analytical laboratories, allowing non-targeted, rapid screening of a greater number of samples for the presence of androgens, including the hundreds of novel designer androgens that emerge every year.


InsituGen’s technology offers the opportunity for meaningful interventions and outcomes via a wide-range of applications.

Our technology can detect the biological activity triggered by steroid hormones including androgens and estrogens that are present in a sample. The technology has been tested for a range of applications including sports doping in animals and humans, hormone profiling in companion animals, environmental water monitoring, and testing of supplements and wellness products for human use.


Detection of designer steroids in racing horses and camels

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Steroid hormone testing for sports and nutritional supplements and wellness products

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Wellness testing in companion animals

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Monitoring environmental steroid hormone contamination

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