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Anti Doping Testing in Horse Racing & Human AthletesSports Doping Tests

There have been many great athletes expelled from their sport in disgrace because they tested positive for a performance enhancing drug. For the most part, these athletes knowingly doped.

For the true athletes of horseracing- the thoroughbred- they are not given a choice. This violates the integrity of the sport and puts the health and welfare of the animals at risk because many of the performance enhancing drugs, masking agents, or recovery drugs, that are used to dope horses are not clinically approved, especially at the doses used.

It is obvious that sports doping threatens the integrity of horseracing, from high-stakes betting to the reputation of racing stables. For this reason, testing racehorses for the presence of banned substances has become very well executed and regulated.

Testing of samples is taken very seriously. State-of-the-art methods are constantly being developed and used. Equine anti-doping screening must constantly change to keep up with the 100’s of new designer drugs that enter the doping arena each year. Innovative new approaches to provide a “catch-all” approach are needed.

Insitugen provides novel tests to rapidly improve screening for designer anabolic drugs and other biopharmaceuticals with androgenic activity.

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Reinventing Hormone testingInsituGen’s test will reinvent steroid testing

by enabling rapid & accurate detection of all anabolic drugs, including “designer” drugs that have not previously been characterized.